From: <>
Date: Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 7:19 PM
Subject: CF-104 104633 - where it is now

Hi Doug,
I was just checking out your web site.  It's quite interesting.  I never flew in the military (lousy vision) but I finally got to go for a ride in an ex-Canadian 104 that is now owned by Mark Sherman in Phoenix.  It was a life long dream since I first saw one when I was a kid at the Moose Jaw air show.  Here are some photos and a short video from 104633 that you may be interested in:
Also, I am building a CF-104 simulation.  I have lots of data on the plane except for the weapon systems and details about the missions you flew in the cold war days.  I plan on putting together missions that you'd fly during training at Cold Lake and the missions to the bombing ranges departing Baden Soellingen.  I'll have a working radar and you'll have to use radar prediction maps along with the LN-3 and PHI to navigate to your target on time.  If you would be able to help and answer a few questions or if you know of anyone, I'd be happy to supply you with a copy of my sim and the X-Plane simulator on which it runs for you to try out.  More info on my simulator is here:
Anyway, any help would be really appreciated and if you'd like more info for your web site I've got lots of detailed photos of 104633 as well as video, sound, and old manuals.  I also have a lot of info on a couple of ex-Canadian T-33s that I fly a lot and a CT-114.  Check out the Classic Jet Aircraft Association web site to see all of the nice ex-military jets that these guys own:
Greg Hofer