From: Douglas/Pajot []
Sent: July 14, 2009 23:36
Subject: CF-104 OFT

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Ray: My name is Steve Pajot and I am an associate member of the CSA and honourary member of 417 TAC F OT Squadron. I built a 10 foot detailed scale model out of aluminum that now is on display at the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario.
I have been a collector of CF-104 memorabilia since I was a young lad based in 4 F Wing, Baden-Soellingen, Germany with my father who was a member of the RCAF.
My hope is to create a Museum dedicated solely to the RCAF CF-104 Starfighter. It will be open to all who are interested in viewing it by request. I have only recently purchased the CF-104 OFT that was based in Cold Lake, Alberta and used by 417 Sqn. It is very close to complete and only missing a few items to get it on display. I am hoping to actually have it operational with the use of the Microsoft Flight Simulator program for the external view and use a highly updated and reworked Capt. Sim Legendary F-104 program. I have devised a program that works with these two programs and sounds that I developed to accurately reproduce the J-79 engine sounds throughout the throttle settings.
I do need help to find the instruments and side panels that I am missing as some are exclusive to only the Canadian Starfighter. I am hoping that my project is of interest to you and to many of the CSA membership and perhaps somehow we can get the CF-104 OFT back to it's original form. I welcome all members to come and see my Museum dedicated to the CF-104 though it is in it's infancy at the present time. The memobillia is located in my home in a room dedicated to the CF-104 and the CF-104 OFT is currently at my hangar at the airport where I hope to have all the items and it on permanent display in the near future.
If you think that you or any other member could be of help I would be happy to send you some photos and a list of the parts I require to complete the Operational Flight Trainer. I have sent a picture of myself in the OFT. The ejection seat is out and the instruments are also removed while I am connecting up various cables and wires. I polished the outside and I am trying to get it to look as it looked when it was in operation. Once I have the cockpit completed I will begin putting the interior back together. It will be a static display while I set up the programming for it to hopefully become an operational simulator once again.
Steve Pajot