Sent: December 8, 2010 16:45
Subject: NATO Veterans Organization of Canada

The NATO Veterans Organization of Canada (NVOC) was federally incorporated as a national veterans organization in November
of this year with a mandate to represent CF NATO, Merchant Marine and RCMP Veterans.Website is at:
We are interested in everything that the Canadian Starfighter Association represents in keeping alive the memory, contributions, aviation history and heritage
that it represents and thus request that you bring to the attention of your membership the existence of NVOC and to live link your website to ours....
We most sincerely appreciate your memberships contribution to NATO and our nation and salute all those who individually or collectively contributed so much.
May I note to you that my father served at #1 Air Division Headquarters in Metz, France from 1957 through to 1961 and I was a student of the General Navereau
High School then, with two of my classmates (F/L Shaw and F/L Trask) were killed flying CF104s in Germany. (I later served at CFE HQ Lahr).
I send the best wishes and appreciation of all members of NVOC.....
Scott Fuller
Captain (retd)
Director at Large for Strategy and Policy Development
NATO Veterans Organization of Canada
home TEL (613) 824-2611
work TEL (613) 949-7735
(Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre)