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A beautiful 104 shot

Some Very Interesting Stuff!

What ever happened to CF-104633?  Alive and well in Arizona - movies to prove it!  Worth a look.
Can you help Steve get the Cold Lake CF-104 OFTT simulator going again?  Have a read of what he needs.
A few Floridians form a civilian Starfighter demo - nice pictures.
The Montreal Aviation Museum...building heritage!
Some interesting news for NATO veterans
Gen (Ret'd) Manson gave us an interesting perspective of the F-35A programme for the CAF part way through the CF-104 Starfighter Reunion cruise 5-12 Feb 2011.  BTW the cruise was a hoot! We missed those of you who could not make it.
Doug Gillanders found this on the net - we think you might enjoy these ruminations
Comment and news coverage of the Montreal Air Museum event