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The Canadair CF-104 - Specifications

The Orenda Engines-built J79-OEL-7 rated at 10,000 lbs. static thrust dry and 15,800 lbs. s.t. with afterburner.

Internal Fuel 5,750 lbs - Total with tip and pylon tanks 10,495 lbs.

Maximum speed (dash): 1550 mph (Mach 2.35) at 40,000 feet,
915 mph (Mach 1.2) at sea level.
Climb to 30,000 feet in 1.5 minutes.
Service Ceiling 58,000 feet
Zoom Climb capability 90,000 feet plus! (A USAF F104C reached 103,395 feet in December 1959)

13,909 pounds empty,
21,005 pounds loaded (clean),
28,891 pounds maximum takeoff.

Wingspan 21 feet 11 inches
Length 54 feet 9 inches (58 feet 3 inches with pitot head}
Height 13 feet 6 inches
Wing area 196.1 square feet.

CF-104 Conventional Weapons Layout:

The weapons are laid out as follows from front to rear and from the outsides to the insides:

Laid out in V-shape in front are 6 100-round belts of 20 mm ammunition for the M61A1 Gatling type cannon.

Behind the 20 mm rounds are 72 CRV-7 rockets, which are laid out 38 to a side representing the maximum rocket load of the aircraft.

On both extremities of the main row are BLU-1 (on the left) and BLU-27 (on the right) Napalm (fire) bombs.

The white containers on the inside of the Napalms are CBU-1 Cluster bombs. They would make use of ram air to assist in the ejection of the bomblets out of the dispenser, thus the red cap in front.

Next in dark blue, we have BL-755 Cluster bombs of British design and conception. They contain 147 bomblets and they open up in flight releasing the bomblets that are distributed to an area roughly the size of a football field.

In olive drab colour with a black circle on the nose are LAU-5003 rocket launchers, which are comprised of 19 tubes enabling the transport and firing of 19 CRV-7 rockets. As seen on the aircraft behind two per side can be carried to account for the 76 rockets in front.

Of smaller diameter and blue in colour are the 500 lbs MK 82 General Purpose Bombs (Snakeye).

The inside most piece on the left is a MN1A Practice Bomb Dispenser. They are mounted on the centreline of the aircraft and once the bomb bay doors are opened it allows for the release of 6 practice bombs being either the BDU-33 to simulate the MK 82 in low drag or the MK-106 to simulate the MK 82 in high drag

The inside most weapon on the right is the M61A1 20 mm Gatling type cannon on a stand which was belt fed with up to 600 rounds and driven by an electric motor.

Under the wings of the aircraft are two TSC (Twin Store Carrier) supporting 2 BL-755 Cluster Bombs each.

External stores could be carried on five hardpoints (one underneath the fuselage, one underneath each wing, and one at each wingtip).